tecra muigai road accident
tecra muigai road accident

Tecra Muigai daughter of Keroche breweries CEO dies of accident

Tecra Muigai who is the daughter to the CEO of Karachi breweries dies of road accident on Saturday afternoon the company of kerachi breweries has celebrated her life saying that she was very brilliant and good to that company and wishing her a good journey

she was the eldest daughter of Tabitha karanja and Joseph karanja who are the CEO and chairman of the breweries company and they have said that she was the company’s strategy and innovative director

“Tecra’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of important innovations that enriched the company’s product range including the development of new brands that we scheduled to be launched this year,” the statement said.

The company has asked for respect and privacy to the family as they plan for the burial.

“As we begin preparations for her final send-off, we ask for respect and privacy during these difficult time,” the statement signed off by the brewer’s corporate affairs department said.


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